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Christmas Gala 2018

What a lovely evening and a great turnout for our Christmas Banquet and award presentations. I believe we had 51 participants.  Tom and his helpers did a super job keeping the evening going.  Many wore ERA Fashions, not only did the ladies look exquisite but some of the men looked pretty spiffy in their attire.  We got some great shots of the many wonderful outfits.  Apparently Louise actually wore one of Simone's dresses.  The food was super and plenty of it.  Besides the normal Roast Turkey Dinner, they added a small meat pie to our plates and too top it off, homemade Butter Tarts and cake for dessert, I think everyone went away full and very satisfied.  Excellent choice for a caterer. 

The evening started with drinks and socializing in one room and we moved to another room for the banquet.  There were some door prizes for the ladies and gents and then the presentations.  I will let Tom list all the recipients for each award.  I took the pictures but forgot what the name of the trophy was and why each person received it.  I was very surprised and very thrilled to receive the award for Most Valued Member.  What an honor to be recognized by the club.  I felt there were numerous individuals that were as deserving but thank you all.  Much appreciated for doing something’s for a great club and great membership.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All


Vintage Clothing Sale in Carleton Place April 2019

Even though the weather was the pits (pouring rain), six ladies ventured out to attend an Antique Clothing Sale at the Heritage Museum in Carleton Place on April 26th.  Everyone met at my home (5 mins. from the museum).  In attendance, Keitha, Pam, Catherine, Cathy, Heather and me...Unfortunately Barb and Patti had to opt out.



For a small town it is a pretty good sale, clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories, linens, gloves, purses and even men's clothing, Everyone bought something except Keitha who likes to browse.  We arrived just after it opened at 10:00 - the old saying applies, the early bird gets the worm.  An hour and a half later, we were ready to move on and headed towards Almonte to the ACE store.  It sells farming  supplies but it has clothes, jewelry, hats, home decor and outdoor decorations etc..  Again success, several of our group left with shopping bags.  Next on our outing, a Consignment Place on the main street in Carleton Place - new and used clothing, home decor, jewelry etc.. A few more purchases and now time for lunch and a cup a tea.   During our driving around, we did get to show the ladies some of the flooding around town and the effects of the mighty Mississippi. 


Thanks to Keitha for sharing the driving duties with me and thanks to the ladies for coming to Carleton Place.  I enjoyed the outing as I hope they did too.  This is an annual event, so maybe next year we can persuade a few more ladies to partake. 




2019-05-04 Wheelers Pancake Visit

First tour of the season to Wheeler's Pancake House in McDonalds Corners (no relation to Harry and I).

Finally the weather co-operated and we were able to take a drive with our Model A's.  It was a bit cool but warmed up nicely.  The Ottawa folks met at Tim Hortons in Richmond and proceeded on Hwy 10 to Franktown picking up the Carleton Place contingent, then off to Perth to pickup the Portland gang and then off to our main destination. Not sure exactly how many Model A's, but at least 11 or more, with 1 volkswagon and several modern cars along for the ride.  No breakdowns, clear sailing all the way.  The food was good, the pancakes great.  After partaking of food and drink, everyone headed back and in different directions.  Some back thru Lanark, some thru Balderson etc..Hoping everyone made it home safely.



  Thanks to Dan for setting this up and guiding us accordingly.  Looking forward to our next big outing "Ladies Appreciation" in June.



Ladies Appreciation Day 2019

From all the ladies in attendance, thanks fellows for providing an enjoyable outing.  Big thanks to Barb Welch to organizing this for us.  A great turnout, good food, and another funtastic show.   The weather co-operated, not to to hot.  One minor problem - Dan's car broke down at the restaurant and Steve and Dave stepped up to the plate to get him going again although they missed the show...I think we had over 15 cars and couples in attendance.  


Garage Tour 2019 press> for additional pictures

Again a good group of people came out for an interesting and unique experience for the Garage Tour to Shawn Haywards home in Mountain Ont.. We started with breakfast at Kemptville Restaurant.  Only a few Model A's in attendance as a lot of members brought modern transportation due to the hot weather.  I expected a big garage with lots of vehicles but was surprised at the number of barns and sheds with lots of treasures in them....It was a bit of an adventure maneuvering thru all this but worth it in the end.  Besides inside articles, the fellows kept finding treasures in the grass outside...thanks to Shawn for letting us visit and explore his property.

Kempville Farmers Market 2019

The club was contacted with a request for some Model A's to participate in Kemptville Farmers Market for their Roaring Twenties Day Theme.  We had 8 Model A's show up and everyone came in ERA Fashion.  The organizer was ecstatic with the vehicles and our fashions.   They provide a tent for us to sit under and lots of water for us.  While there we all did some shopping - Harry had to have a homemade butter tart (not on his diet), the ladies found some interesting crafts and the vegetables were plentiful and scrumptious.  Some Theater people were there posing as Al Capone and his Maul.  They borrowed a  Tomy Gun from our group to add to their presentation.  We were there from 11:00 until 2:00 but departed in a hurry as they told us a storm was moving in.  We all left and ten minutes after we got home, we had 2 minutes of rain.. Good end to a fun day....Tom received a letter of thanks from the organizer.

Perth Rib Fest 2019




Carleton Place 200th Year Parade

Steampunk Ottawa is a social group in the Nation’s Capital that like to cosplay Victorian clothes with a twist on industrialization. It is a group to sit and have a coppa (tea!) with.  Steampunk Ottawa was created in 2009. We just celebrated our 10th Anniversary in May 2019.