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The survey has been released to all listed members via email. If you did not receive the email, please contact Dave Jamieson for the link. Ladies, we value your input so please send us your email address and the link will be provided.

The survey will be mailed to those without an email with your copy of the Radshell.

Missed a Members Monthly Meeting; no worries"The Heney Report" is now live. Steve has provided a detailed written summary of our Meetings for your reading enjoyment. 

Looking for Direction??

It's 3:10 and guess where Pam and I are headed? (think of the duster starring Russell Crowe)

YUMA AZ where we visited the Yuma Territorial Prison dating back to 1876 while on the way to the Cloud Museum on the Arizona California boarder. Pictures now in the 2020 Event Section.

The 2020  Activities updates 2020-02-14 are posted.


Missed the last Members Meeting; no problem ! See The Heney Report

MESA !!! Who's there ???    Al and Denise Cooper take our Editor and Pam of a tour not to be forgotten. See the EVENTS SECTION 2020 for details.