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Welcome to ERA Fashion on the CCA website. If you wish as a Member of CCA's to contribute, forward a jpeg of the outfit and a brief description explaining the style and whether it is a reproduction or original and perhaps how you came upon the garment.

Pattern for Day Dress

1928 Vogue Dress Pattern

Folkware Pattern Tango Dress

MAFCA Catalog Cover

CCA ERA Fashion Library

If you wish to borrow any of the items shown below, contact Patti Mordasewicz and she will be pleased to get it for you.

Dave and I wore these outfits at the 2015 Niagara Falls MARC meet. Dave's outfit is a reproduction canvas work pant with suspenders and muslin collarless work shirt. His outfit is topped off with a wool paperboy cap. The work boots are original 1920's cap toe leather .

Pam's outfit is an original era chiffon day dress with silk stockings and Cuban heel leather shoes. The dress is complemented with original jewelry and black straw hat with ostrich plume.

Outfits worn at the 2017 MARC meet in Gettysburg.

Christmas Gala

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