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YUMA AZ. and the Johnny Cloud Car Museum

Johnny Cloud is a long time Bard California resident who began a collection in 1989 of cars, trucks, tractors, power tools, hand tools, household equipment, boat engines, wheels and items from local businesses.


Pam and I took the opportunity to meet Johnny Cloud and tour his massive Model T and A collection first hand. I spoke with Johnny and he told us that he started collecting some 30 years ago after he leased out his farm and was looking for something to keep him busy. With over 200 vehicles on the property most are original however many are fully restored with fresh paint and new upholstery. He does not advertise a parts business however if he has spares, he will consider selling but it will not come off an existing vehicle. Within the collection resides his Mom’s 1936 Ford Coupe. These Fords have never seen winter salt and are for the most part rust free. Much of the interiors are original as is the fabrics. Trucks in abundance here for this was farm country and work vehicles were in high demand in the south west. Pam and I strongly urge everyone that if you get the chance to visit California / Arizona, go see Johnny and take some time to talk and view his collection.

February 18th 2020

When you think of Model A’s and your down in the south west for the winter, where do you go to fill your Model A void? Only one location and one tour guide; the location is “Arizona Model A in Chandler” owned by Sam Guthrie and the tour guides were none other our Al and Denise Cooper. What more could you ask for. Al and Denise took us on a ride to visit Sam’s parts collection/ sale yard. You will see more Model A trucks here than anywhere else in the south. This was an area of workers and the trucks were used on farms, ranches and mines. Some might look at the collection of fenders and see a pile of rust but these pieces are better than most of us northerners have or could find locally. There is no fiberglass nor bondo in these pieces. Most members within CCA are challenged at times looking for replacement axle parts and in particular trumpets. Here you would fill a 1/2 truck with them. Steering boxes, frames, transmissions, complete front ends and the impossible to find, original windshield frames with slight surface rust that can removed with a rubbing of your hand. Many are still original paint. Truck boxes stacked on top of more truck boxes. The only salt here is what you might spread over an order of french fries.

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