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Here is where you show case those gems found in the shed that you have collected over the years. Send a few pictures and a description of the item to the web site administrator for posting. The item does not need to be from the Model A era; just unique, somewhat rare or perhaps a family heirloom. 

TRULITE headlight aimers made from die cast magnesium eliminated the need to align headlamps on a garage wall as outlined in the Ford Model A owners manual. This tool was given to me from my son in law, Jim Rose.

The AUTO-MOTOR HEATER was manufactured by the Auto-motor Company located at 83 Laurel Street, Hartford, Conn. USA. Many versions of the heater were produced and can be found in various conditions. This particular model used denatured alcohol to prime, kerosene for fuel and the entire wick could be purchased for a tidy sum of .25 cents, the screen for .50 cents. This unit was given to me by Dave Roger (aka Rouge) Manotick, ON. It belonged to his father; Dr. J David Roger whom passed away at the age of 98 and resided in the 175 year old family stone home at 21 Withrow, Nepean, On.

Valve grinding machine w/ attachment to shorten and square the stem.

Here are just a few of the "specialized" tools that CCA member Jim Stewart has collected over the years. Jim promises to check his stock and provide additional treasures for "Tools in the Shed".

This tool is for bending and adjusting the ignition points arm and contacts to the correct alignment.

This tool was used to clean out the insulator grooves on an armature of a starter or generator.

Two tire pumps that screw into the spark plug hole to supply air to pump up a flat tire.

Here are 3 pictures of a "South Wind" heater that was installed in my '31 Deluxe Delivery. I found the heaters on the internet and thought that it might be of interest.    Mine seems to be their Model 703


South Wind heaters were originally created by the Stewart-Warner company for American cars from the 1930's to the 1950's, when factory heaters didn't exist or didn't work very well. Over three million were sold.   They can be installed by any competent mechanic in any front-engine six volt car (and will work with twelve volts if you use a converter).

Stewart-Warner ceased production of these heaters in the 1950s, but continue to manufacture South Wind heaters for aircraft and military vehicles. 



Al Jaakkota's Spark Plug Tester

This home made spark plug tester was demonstrated at our CCA March meeting. The results were quite surprising. 

This cab / engine trouble lamp was provided to us from Rideau Valley Landscaping and Suppies, Portland, On by owners Adi and Joanne Bulsara. It contained a 6v bulb and  searching the web we discovered it mounted in the dash of the vehicle and the user pulled the bulb assembly from the unit. In order for the ratchet to hold, the plunger was pulled which applied power to the lamp. Laying the bulb assembly on any grounded part of the car completed the circuit. The only record of a lamp similar to this is one was used in the dash of an early teens Studebaker.

BTW, Joanne Bulsara is a very talented artist and wishes to offer her services should Members require interior woodgrain painting.

A business card can be found in the Links section of the web site.

More treasures from Jim Stewart 's workshop.

I particularly like the winter emergency kit. Notice the liquid libation; one should always keep hydrated.

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