Christmas Gala 2018

What a lovely evening and a great turnout for our Christmas Banquet and award presentations. I believe we had 51 participants.  Tom and his helpers did a super job keeping the evening going.  Many wore ERA Fashions, not only did the ladies look exquisite but some of the men looked pretty spiffy in their attire.  We got some great shots of the many wonderful outfits.  Apparently Louise actually wore one of Simone's dresses.  The food was super and plenty of it.  Besides the normal Roast Turkey Dinner, they added a small meat pie to our plates and too top it off, homemade Butter Tarts and cake for dessert, I think everyone went away full and very satisfied.  Excellent choice for a caterer. 

The evening started with drinks and socializing in one room and we moved to another room for the banquet.  There were some door prizes for the ladies and gents and then the presentations.  I will let Tom list all the recipients for each award.  I took the pictures but forgot what the name of the trophy was and why each person received it.  I was very surprised and very thrilled to receive the award for Most Valued Member.  What an honor to be recognized by the club.  I felt there were numerous individuals that were as deserving but thank you all.  Much appreciated for doing something’s for a great club and great membership.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All


Vintage Clothing Sale in Carleton Place April 2019

Even though the weather was the pits (pouring rain), six ladies ventured out to attend an Antique Clothing Sale at the Heritage Museum in Carleton Place on April 26th.  Everyone met at my home (5 mins. from the museum).  In attendance, Keitha, Pam, Catherine, Cathy, Heather and me...Unfortunately Barb and Patti had to opt out.



For a small town it is a pretty good sale, clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories, linens, gloves, purses and even men's clothing, Everyone bought something except Keitha who likes to browse.  We arrived just after it opened at 10:00 - the old saying applies, the early bird gets the worm.  An hour and a half later, we were ready to move on and headed towards Almonte to the ACE store.  It sells farming  supplies but it has clothes, jewelry, hats, home decor and outdoor decorations etc..  Again success, several of our group left with shopping bags.  Next on our outing, a Consignment Place on the main street in Carleton Place - new and used clothing, home decor, jewelry etc.. A few more purchases and now time for lunch and a cup a tea.   During our driving around, we did get to show the ladies some of the flooding around town and the effects of the mighty Mississippi. 


Thanks to Keitha for sharing the driving duties with me and thanks to the ladies for coming to Carleton Place.  I enjoyed the outing as I hope they did too.  This is an annual event, so maybe next year we can persuade a few more ladies to partake. 



2019-05-04 Wheelers Pancake Visit

First tour of the season to Wheeler's Pancake House in McDonalds Corners (no relation to Harry and I).

Finally the weather co-operated and we were able to take a drive with our Model A's.  It was a bit cool but warmed up nicely.  The Ottawa folks met at Tim Hortons in Richmond and proceeded on Hwy 10 to Franktown picking up the Carleton Place contingent, then off to Perth to pickup the Portland gang and then off to our main destination. Not sure exactly how many Model A's, but at least 11 or more, with 1 volkswagon and several modern cars along for the ride.  No breakdowns, clear sailing all the way.  The food was good, the pancakes great.  After partaking of food and drink, everyone headed back and in different directions.  Some back thru Lanark, some thru Balderson etc..Hoping everyone made it home safely.



  Thanks to Dan for setting this up and guiding us accordingly.  Looking forward to our next big outing "Ladies Appreciation" in June.



Ladies Appreciation Day 2019

From all the ladies in attendance, thanks fellows for providing an enjoyable outing.  Big thanks to Barb Welch to organizing this for us.  A great turnout, good food, and another funtastic show.   The weather co-operated, not to to hot.  One minor problem - Dan's car broke down at the restaurant and Steve and Dave stepped up to the plate to get him going again although they missed the show...I think we had over 15 cars and couples in attendance.  

Garage Tour 2019 press> for additional pictures

Again a good group of people came out for an interesting and unique experience for the Garage Tour to Shawn Haywards home in Mountain Ont.. We started with breakfast at Kemptville Restaurant.  Only a few Model A's in attendance as a lot of members brought modern transportation due to the hot weather.  I expected a big garage with lots of vehicles but was surprised at the number of barns and sheds with lots of treasures in them....It was a bit of an adventure maneuvering thru all this but worth it in the end.  Besides inside articles, the fellows kept finding treasures in the grass outside...thanks to Shawn for letting us visit and explore his property.

Kempville Farmers Market 2019

The club was contacted with a request for some Model A's to participate in Kemptville Farmers Market for their Roaring Twenties Day Theme.  We had 8 Model A's show up and everyone came in ERA Fashion.  The organizer was ecstatic with the vehicles and our fashions.   They provide a tent for us to sit under and lots of water for us.  While there we all did some shopping - Harry had to have a homemade butter tart (not on his diet), the ladies found some interesting crafts and the vegetables were plentiful and scrumptious.  Some Theater people were there posing as Al Capone and his Maul.  They borrowed a  Tomy Gun from our group to add to their presentation.  We were there from 11:00 until 2:00 but departed in a hurry as they told us a storm was moving in.  We all left and ten minutes after we got home, we had 2 minutes of rain.. Good end to a fun day....Tom received a letter of thanks from the organizer.

Perth Rib Fest 2019


Carleton Place 200th Year Parade

Steampunk Ottawa is a social group in the Nation’s Capital that like to cosplay Victorian clothes with a twist on industrialization. It is a group to sit and have a coppa (tea!) with.  Steampunk Ottawa was created in 2009. We just celebrated our 10th Anniversary in May 2019.




First a big Thank You to Dave and Barb Welch for organizing and leading some of our members on a tour to commemorate Model A Day – Sept. 14th.


The day started out cloudy with a bit of rain but by late morning the sun broke out with some clouds making it a pleasant day for a leisurely drive.  We had 7 cars partake the tour starting in North Gower.  First stop the North Gower Farmers Market (nearest washroom facilities – some had already driven more than an hour).  We left there and headed on quaint back roads to Burritts Rapids, then Merrickville and off to Kilmarock Locks for a photo op, then a stop at Kilmarnock apple orchard where some left with a bag of apples and apple cider.  We then proceeded to Easton's Corners, quaint old village not far away and again a photo-op in front of an old Garage that used to be a Carriage House....we made our way back to the locks at Burritts Rapids for lunch at Lock 17 Restaurant.  Good lunch and from there we all went in different directions, on our way home.  A pleasant day, good company, a nice drive in our favourite cars what more could we want.....

PS.  No breakdowns on this run to the disappointment of the guys.


Westport Carriage Museum 2019-09

2019 Annual FALL Leaf Tour

Flaming Leaves Tour by Barb Welsh


 A wonderful day with 14 cars. The leaves and even the cars were in fine shape with no breakdowns. Amazing weather, great friendship and lots of laughter. After the drive we went to a great restaurant in Chelsea with the best fish and chips I have eaten in a long time. Garry showed me his new hip with a grease bolt in it. His wife Kathy had glued the grease bolt into the bandage. It looked so real. It brought a lot of laughter. A special thank you to Omer for organizing the tour and helping us out with our French.

Who Doesn't Love a Garage Sale ?

Garage Sale of Model A Parts

What do you do on a freezing Saturday morning in November in Gatineau, you participate in a garage sale of Model A parts from the estate of Doug Hahn.   I went with Harry for the drive (and to help him control his spending).  Colin was helping Doug's wife Lise with the sale.  About 10 club members attended.  I believe everyone left with some treasures.  Some more than others.  Watching the guys it was like watching kids in a toy store.  They kept finding treasures, "did you see this, what is this, anyone need a horn, will this part work in a 30 or 31?".  Harry ended up with 3 bags full - not sure of what but he was happy.  When we left the fellows were still exploring boxes and cupboards but I think Lise did get rid of a chunk of stuff.



Happy Birthday 100 Years Young

I was thrilled to see so many club members make it to Real's 100th Birthday Party.  Louise and family were really pleased with the turnout.  They put Real's Model A in the Lobby of the Retirement Home with Real seated beside it to greet all his visitors.  Some of the club members came in ERA Fashion.  I don't think he stopped smiling the whole time.  His two younger brothers were there and he had a surprise visit from one of the fellows that he worked with, years ago at the GM Plant in Oshawa.  There was a small band to entertain, lots of food and drink and two huge cakes..There was a poster showing the 37 cars Real has owned + 5 Motorcycles + 1 Rickshaw and 1 Walker.  There was a letter from the Queen on display.  Louise gave an emotional speech to thank all the people that helped make the party happen and all the participants. I personally never thought I would ever be attending a 100th Birthday Celebration, what an honour to be part of this special occasion and for such a great Gentleman.  



Christmas 2019

What a party.  What an evening.  One of the best since we joined.  Thanks to Tom and his helpers (I think Gary had a hand in finding our entertainment) for getting Tony True One Man Band.  He was great.  Got everyone up and dancing from the get go.  Although I could have just sat and listened to his singing but I did not as Louise got a lot of the ladies up once the music began.  Tony read the crowd well and played the right songs.  It was wonderful to see everyone up on the dance floor - a lot of couples looked really good up there.  Honourable mention to Helene Lachapelle, she still can cut a rug with the rest of us.  Louise even got Real up several times.  Oh if only I could make it to 100 and be as fit and active as Real.  He said he contributes his longevity to being a non-smoker.  Glad to see a lot of ERA fashions on display and not just the ladies but some dapper Gentlemen.  Honourable mention to Susan Huyghebaert in her gorgeous Flapper outfit, loved the colour and she looked great in it...awards were given out but I will let Tom cover those.  Tom and Denise provided each table with a couple of Christmas carols and we had a sing along.  Tony said afterwards he was surprised with such lovely voices that we didn't use our own group to entertain...nice compliment and folks we did sound great.  All in all a fabulous evening; fun, laughter, socializing, drinking (thanks Tom and Denise for providing a non-alcoholic punch) and super entertainment.  We were one of the first to leave (no babysitter for my doggy) but I am betting that most hung onto the end as it was such a good party.  Hope to see more of the club members partake next year.  You don't want to miss out on a great evening.


Merrickville Car Show July 9th 

Breakfast, Beer and Field of Dreams

 CCA members that attended the breakfast, beer and Field of Dreams in Pakenham on July 18th will not soon forget this event. The morning started with a hearty breakfast at the Centennial Restaurant who managed to sit the 20 plus attendees and serve gallons of coffee, eggs, toast and bacon in short order. Yours truly neglected to notify the restaurant we were coming and a skeleton staff of one server and a single cook managed to fulfill the orders as quickly as humanly possible. The owners expressed their appreciation that everyone was patient and took any delay in stride.

Dan Dunwoodie made the arrangements for the tour and sampling of carbonated malted beverages at the Cartwright Springs Brewery. This establishment is quickly making gains in the craft beer market and based on the samples consumed it is easy to see why. Many bottles of their beer was purchased after sampling the various products straight from the tap. I personally enjoyed the Maple Porter. 

Our next stop was the Field of Dreams. Our hosts; Mike Nuggent, Jim Lunney and Don McMillan provided a bbq of hamburgers, hotdogs, salads and liquid refreshments to the group and "opened the doors" to acres of relics from the past. Primarily Model T and Model A vehicles and parts all which were collected for over 40 years  by former CCA member Monsignor Leonard Lunney. 

Msgr. Len Lunney was born in Pakenham, Ontario and was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Ottawa in 1959. He was appointed to work in the field of secondary education at that time, and was a high school principal for fifteen years. He holds a Master's Degree in Educational Administration. In 1996, he was honored by Pope John Paul II with the title of Prelate of Honour. He was also the chaplain for the Ottawa Fire Department and was the chaplain of Council 7873 of the Knights of Columbus. He also served as chaplain of many other parish organizations.

A tireless worker he led by example fulfilling the duties at one of the largest Catholic Parishes in Canada. I have a special connection with “Father Len” in that he officiated the funeral services for my Dad and he was the Principal at St. Pius X High School where my Mom taught.


When not busy at his pastoral duties, he would arrive at his Pakenham forest retreat every late Sunday until Monday evening where he could be found tinkering with one of his vintage automobiles. Spending every Monday for over 40 years, he collected, stored and restored a treasure load of antique automobiles and parts.

Len as he was known to his family and close friends became the Episcopal Vicar for the English sector of the Archdiocese of Ottawa in Sept of 2001 and is now retired from his pastoral duties. There is something special when you walk through the vast property and enter the various sheds and structures filled to the rafters with parts; you feel a sense of calm and respect for this Man; it’s his footsteps you are following.

Cumberland Museum 2017 July 28th

This was a tour to Dave Heggie's place in L'Orignal to see his newly restored 1930 Model A Tudor and lunch in Hawkesbury. The tour was made by 6 club members on July 28th.

Annual Corn Boil August 2017

Brockville Railway Tunnel Opening August 2017


After a stormy and rainy night before, the parade to officially open the newly restored Brockville Railway Tunnel looked like a washout.  However the skies broke about 8:30 on Saturday to make way for a beautiful day and a great parade.  Lawson, Latimer, Codes, MacDonalds and Mordasewicz’s made their way to the starting point for the parade on Courthouse square and helped to ferry some of the surrounding township mayors to the grand opening of the tunnel.  The parade followed the original route that was taken in 1854 when the cornerstone of the tunnel was officially laid.  The tunnel is the oldest in Canada and now a restored and preserved piece of national and local history.  Check out the pics below and if possible make a trip to Brockville to walk the full length of the tunnel.  It will certainly be an interesting time.

Out and About ! A collection of rides to various places.

North Conway 61st New England Meet

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ACCCC's and CCA Tour Sept 2017

First, thanks to all those that braved the 30 degree heat for our combined tour with members of ACCC's club on Sept. 24th.  Thanks to Keitha who initially picked the route for us and for all her help finalizing this tour with me. We had a total of 26 cars,14 met in Richmond and 12 in Carleton Place.  Everyone made it to Shoppers Drug Mart in Carleton Place to begin the first leg of the tour, some a little later than others; Tom missed his navigator Patti.  Our first stop was at Murray's Flea Market in Carleton Place.  There were lots of purchases from jewelry, books, cups and a rocking horse that had to be strapped to the bed of Earl Moores truck as it would not fit in the purchasers trunk. From there we headed to Black's Corners and took a road that followed the Mississippi River to our next stop at Cardon's Tools.  We then headed to Balderson for of course Ice Cream and cheese curds.  A half hour later we made our way to Sylvania Lodge for lunch. Our special dessert was a Birthday cake to celebrate Vic Code's 75th and Rose who we found out had a birthday in a couple of days  (but  not, a 75th) .  At this point our group broke up.  We had several options for the return once we got to Lanark but a lot of folks took their own alternate routes.  Harry and I followed the first bunch but we never caught up to anyone.  Mel and Keitha lead the balance to Lanark where they made sure everyone knew how to make it home from there. Only one slight problem with one car, that Colin helped get back on the road (our resident mechanic).  No overheating with the cars, only with all of us.  Every time we left an air-conditioned building it was like hitting a heat wall outside.  Thank goodness for a breeze while driving... Again thanks for a great show of cars, a nice mix of the Model A's and cars and trucks from ACCC's.

Joanne and Keitha.


2017 MARC Meet Gettysburg PA

Annual Flaming Leaf Tour 2017

Well our touring season went out with a big bang on Oct. 14 when we embarked on our Flaming Leaves Tour.  First a heartfelt thanks to Gaston Gauvin for putting this together and providing maps, contact numbers and reservations at St. Huberts and for Ed Galea's assistance.  Although Ed's map getting us from Lincoln Fields to St. Huberts had to be revised several times due to an unforseen bridge closure, we all made it without a hitch.  I believe 14 cars started the tour and several more met us at St. Huberts.   It was great to see Rheal out and about.  Louise brought him and Richard and then her daughter and family joined us at the restaurant.  We were surprised to see Barb Welsh there after having hip surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago.  She even did a little dance for us.   Amazing recovery.  We took a short walk from there to the Mosaic in Gatineau.  For those that never made the trek there this summer, you missed a spectacular event.   Phenomenal mosaics.   Nothing but wow comments from our group.  No wonder this 150th event had over a million visitors.  Lunch was good but we got delayed leaving as the restaurant had trouble with their computers and it took us over almost 3/4 of an hour to get the bills settled.  As usual our row of cars generated lots of spectators and picture taking.  Love to see the smiles on everyone’s faces when they see our vehicles.  From there we headed to Wakefield.  Even though it was overcast the temperature was perfect for the model A's, and the scenery was beautiful.  Our next stop was the covered Bridge near Wakefield or Chelsea (not sure where we were).   Claire got out and took pictures of the cars going thru; I did the same and have a nice one of Harry and our car.  Next stop, the cemetery where Lester B. Pearson is buried.  Up in the hills near Wakefield.  I was surprised at how small it was.  The sign outside the cemetery has his picture on it and a write-up about him and there are metal pieces in the ground directing you to his burial site but the tombstone is very modest.  His son is buried in front of him and his headstone is carved out of a big rock, more impressive than Lester B.  Harry found some interesting tombstones.  One a lady writer who came from Almonte and a famous photographer.  All in an out of the way cemetery.  You never know what you will find on a tour....At this point we all realized the day went fast than we thought, it was already after 3 so we decided to have a quick break in Wakefield at the Pot-Au-Feu (the old train station) and make our way home.  Again a very good day, good company, good food, good tour and no breakdowns that I am aware of.   So thanks to all that participated and thanks again to Gaston and Ed for another great day.  




Egg Rolls, Steak / Kidney Pie and Dusty Road Run

Poutine Run 2017-10-26

Christmas Banquet 2017

Ladies at the April CCA Meeting

Ottawa 2018 Tulip Festivale

 Ladies Appreciation Day   (Brunch and Play 2018)

This year again Barb and Dave organized the event, many thanks from all those attending.

2018 Annual Get-a-Way Tour

Get-a-way Tour to The Laurentians

Well folks another fantastic tour for our club to the Laurentians.  Amir outdid himself with the accommodations, the events, the food, the drives - everything - well planned, well executed.  A big THANKS for a job well done.

Here's a recap of our weekend.  Groups of people made their way to Hawkesbury for lunch on Friday.  A group from Portland and Brockville came one way, another group going thru Manotick, another group from Ottawa thru Cumberland and of course our hosts from Montreal for the weekend were waiting at the restaurant.  Part of the group had lunch at the restaurant in Hawkesbury and the rest went to the Park for a picnic lunch.  After lunch we met at the Park for the start of our trek to the Laurentians.

No trip would be complete without some car problems, unfortunately we were the first.  Our car quit on the way to Hawkesbury.  Dave Welch, Harry and Dan took a look under the hood - rattled a few things- and we were able to head off again.  Did not think anything more about it but on the trek to our Hotel, low and behold the car quit again on one very steep hill (or mountain).  Rather dicey situation as we had to back off the road on a very steep incline.  Of course the gang came to help.  No way would it start so heads under the hood and thru some investigation, the fellows determined a block on the gas line.   Gary Lynch, took the line off and blew it, reconnected it and low and behold we were on the road again.  He said it had happened to him before and it would probably happen again.  So true, when we got to Saint-Adele our car quit again at a busy intersection 5 minutes from the Hotel.  Harry was able to pull in front of a store (the local liquor store) out he gets, removes the gas line, does the blow, reconnects the line and off to the Hotel.   Not a good start to the weekend.  After registering at the Hotel, the fellows headed outside and as usual, they started looking at cars needing assistance.  Steve found our problem, a piece of teflon in the gas filter.  Once removed, we were back in business.  While he was working on our car, I believe Colin was helping Amir with his brakes, what a team.  No-one gets stuck.  I was hoping that was the last of car problems but not so, when we went for breakfast the next morning we learned that Dave Jamieson's car had to be left at the restaurant the night before because it started to smoke when they started it.  The Jamiesons and the Larimer’s had to take a cab back to the hotel as everyone else had already left.  Dave and Steve were up at the crack of dawn and down to the restaurant to fix the problem.  Three hours later, after eliminating many problems and tearing the dash apart, problem resolved.  A frayed wire to the windshield wiper was the culprit.  They made it back to the hotel in time for the first tour.  I think everyone finished the trip without any more breakdowns.

Friday night we had dinner at "Spago" a nice restaurant in downtown St. Adele. The owner was so excited to have us that he reserved all the prime parking spots closest to the restaurant for us. Something happened while there that a lot of us found very impressive, it was watching Mac leave his parking spot.  He decided to head back early, but in order to do that he had to get out of a very very tight parking space between 2 other model A's.  Our table faced the window across from where he was parked so we had a perfect view.  The ladies were concerned that he would attempt this without asking for help but the guys were not.  I was mesmerized watching him maneuvering out of the spot.  Back and forth, small turns of the wheel.  It took quite a few minutes but he did it without any damage to the other vehicles.  I wish we had videotaped it.  A training lesson for others...

Saturday, meeting in the parking lot with the days agenda.  First stop a boat ride around Lac Des Sables in the town of Saint Agathe.  Amir arranged this special trip. The boat was decorated by the owner; he added four smoke stakes to the top of the boat and told us it was called the Titanic 2.  It was like a mini ferry ride.  Seats for everyone, a little bar area and wonderful commentary by the Captain on the ride...lots of interesting history.  We had a sing along lead by Arnold's daughter Brenda.  It was a great experience for all.  From there we headed to a unique Quebecois-themed Restaurant "Au Petit Poucet".  Wow what a place and the food.  We ordered French Onion Soup - we both were more than impressed with the taste and the amount.  It was a meal in itself.  I took a picture to show people.  We ordered a smoke meat sandwich to share and thank goodness we did, as it was gigantic.  Only favorable comments about the food. Thanks Amir for the restaurant choice.  A short drive to Sainte Sauveur and then back to the hotel to relax and get ready for the evening.  A lot of people were on the patio area where they had a choice of 4 hot tubs to use, or like some of us, relaxing around or enjoying the indoor pool. 

What an evening.  Our club outdid themselves with Era Fashions for the banquet.  99% were dressed to the nines....a group shot of everyone on the stairwell was super.  It was the most fashion participation at any event I have attended since joining the club.  Congrats to all.  Very impressive.  Another excellent meal and evening.

Sunday, morning meeting in the parking lot, departed on time for a scenic ride on roads unfortunately that left a lot to be desired but manageable.  If you had any loose bolts, watch out, the bumps and groves in the roads would take care of was like being on a roller coaster ride - some fun but scary at times.  We all made it in one piece and the scenery was great but a little hair raising at times....we arrived at the Le Circuit Mont-Tremblant race track and the fun began...again Amir, thanks for a very unique experience.  There was a lead car with the entire Model A's lined up to enter the track.  Amir had a friend with a drone to record this experience.  I am sure he will share with the members at one of our Maki House meetings.  Our instructions were to make 2 laps around the oval track and no passing.  Well forget the instructions; some of the guys just had to pass some of us.  No accidents, just fun.  What a sight with all the cars on the track.   Headed back to the hotel with a stop for lunch at a roadside Hamburg spot.  Again good food.  Can feel the waistline growing.  It was a full day but still one more outing to dinner at a quaint restaurant”Station B' in Val. David.  Talk about good food outings.  Another hit.   I definitely can say if we are ever in the area again, I would be heading there for dinner.  All our meals were scrumptious.  Harry had calamari as an appetizer and he said it was the best he has ever had.  I had a trout salmon dish - loved it.  The service and the food -- exceptional...

Monday morning - the Portland, Brockville gang headed out before 7 and the rest of us by 9:00 with Amir leading us to Lachute where he headed home and the rest of us headed back towards Ottawa and beyond.

I forgot to mention it was nice to see Helen, Winnie and Brenda join us for the weekend via modern transportation.  

To sum this up - some wonderful sights, food, experiences and memories had by all and thank Nadine and Amir for making it possible.


Use the arrow to move to additional pics.

July ACCC and CCA Combined Tour

Combined Tour with Rideau Lakes and Canada's Capital A's


            The weather did us a favour and didn't boil us for our tour on July 7th.  I guess all our prayers were answered.  We met in Carleton Place for the tour.  One member had an issue with his Model A and went home and exchanged it for an MG, OMG!  But it is a beauty and fit right in.  The Model A's were running a little late, but when they arrived we left with 6 Model A's and 6 Antique Cars so it was quite a mix.

            Our first stop was  the Ashton General Store.  The General Store was open in Ashton for 150 years and closed in 2016.  Over the years it was very much a community meeting place.  Now it has reopened as “The General Store Marketplace” and specializes in promoting all local crafters and artists. They have some unique items and also sell coffee and drinks in keeping with the heritage of the old store. 

            On our way through Richmond we were to pick up 2 more Model A's.  It didn't quite work out but they joined us in Manotick.  Now, I thought everyone had been to Watson's Mill.  To my surprise, that wasn't the case.  And they opened Dickinson House a couple of years ago.  So there were two sites to visit.  Both were very interesting and we had tour guides for both that were very knowledgeable.  There was also a bookstore that you could browse through for a very long time.

            After everyone had toured the grounds and sites we were off for lunch.  We took a route that led us along the Rideau River.  Some of the homes (or should I say Mansions) were gorgeous.  It was a relaxing drive enjoying the scenery. 

            When we got to Kemptville we stopped at the Kemptville Family Restaurant for lunch.  The service was great and the menu was varied.  A lot of people had Chinese food, but there was lots of choice.  Everyone enjoyed their food.  After lunch we split up with everyone heading for home with smiles on their faces.

Mel and Keitha Black  and Harry and Joanne MacDonald


Perth Ribfest 2018-07

What a wonderful day in Perth.  Another great turnout from the club.  Fifteen cars made the trek.  Colin even came after driving over 12 hours the day before on his return from vacation down east.  The weather co-operated, the venue excellent.  Lots of shade for us - we were all able to sit in one area with some lively conversations.  A couple of the guys even went for a Timmies run (quite a few blocks away)   Of course being Ribfest, lots of good food.  The ladies did some shopping - good deals from some vendors.  Helen found a hat that matched her outfit.  Some of us won door prizes.  Gaston won a putter.  The gentleman in charge of the car show kept telling us how pleased he was with our participation and at the end of the day he thanked all of us for being there and that he received many positve comments about our vehicles.  We were the hit of the show.  It was great too that they roped off an area for us so that we were all together.  This was super as there were over 80 vehicles at the show and of course a lot of us came in at different times.  Some of us took in the live music entertainment under some shade trees.  I think everyone had a good time as most of the gang stayed until the end of the show around 3:30.  


Hi Colin,

A pleasure to meet you yesterday. There is no doubt in my mind and that of the car show people that your club's attendance at yesterday's show made the event. Such beautiful vehicles that are so amazingly maintained had everyone's attention. Your club did an excellent job of sharing their Model A knowledge with the people at the show.

Thank you very much for your participation and for all the fun your team brought to Ribfest 2018. We look forward to seeing you next year.

As several of the hobbyists attending said, "It does not matter where your interests in the car hobby lay, when you see that many beautiful Model A's, you stop what you are doing and go enjoy them!"

Thanks to Canada's Capital A's.


Corn Boil 2018-08-04


Well a great corn roast, one of the best in the past few years  The weather held out, although we drove into a good downpour on the way home. The turnout fantastic.  My last count was 26 Model A's, several classic cars and some came in modern cars so they would not miss the fun and food.  The corn was very good as usual and those desserts.  You definitely did not want to think about your waistline while looking at the dessert tables...cakes, pies, muffins, squares, cookies and some fruit - thank goodness.  Irresistible - to tempting not to try.  But the peace de la resistance for the day was the music.   A very nice touch.  Mac started out on the keyboard with Al on the guitar and Tom with his banjo and then Winnie and her daughter Brenda joining in with, (I think) Ukuleles.  Mac did a few numbers and then Winnie took over the keyboard and we were entertained with some old but popular tunes.  Brenda led the singing for those not remembering the lyrics  ....  great job by all.   Thanks to Barb and Dave for hosting another successful Club outing.



Delta Historic House Tour 2018-08-11 Okum Family



Portland BBQ 2018-08-11